JOSAR Technical Team

As a world-class climbing destination, Joshua Tree National Park attracts climbers, boulders and highliners from around the world. Due to the inherent risks, incidents do occasionally occur causing visitors to be injured, trapped or even lost in high-angle areas. The JOSAR technical rescue team concerns itself with the extraction of persons injured, trapped, or lost in high-angle locations presenting hazards to rescuers without rock climbing skills, ropes and appropriate equipment. Our technical team includes highly trained community volunteers who are prepared and qualified to perform such rescues.

Since these persons (subjects) often have sustained injuries due to falling, the team must also be prepared to render first-aid to stabilize the subject while the rope systems for his extraction are being constructed. Our subjects vary from technical rock climbers who have fallen and are unable to self-rescue, to scramblers who have gotten themselves up a formation they don’t know how to come down from safely, to scramblers who are benighted and dehydrated after a long day of “hiking” from Willow Hole to Rattlesnake Canyon. The team works closely with fire and ambulance personnel, as well as helicopter support on occasion, to bring each incident to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible.

It is highly advised that our Safety Tips are observed as well as those provided by the NPS prior to your activity.  | NPS Climbing Safety  | Good Climbing Practices