Commitment to JOSAR

A member’s commitment is to be taken seriously by both the team and the member. We rely on each other to be fully trained in the areas each member selects to participate in. This commitment includes monthly training. 

Minimum Attendance Requirements for JOSAR Members

Technical Team:
1 scheduled tech training/drill within the past 2 months, and 10 within the past 12 months. Must pick one task from a list currently under development to be done during the year; more on this later.

Search Team:
1 scheduled search training within the past 2 months, and 10 search or tracking trainings within the past 12 months. Must participate in at least one day of the Basic SAR Tech III class held annually.

Man-Tracking Team:
1 scheduled tracking training within the past 2 months, and 15 hours of scheduled tracking training within past 12 months

Support Team: 
A minimum of eight scheduled trainings or meetings (Technical, Search, Man-Tracking, JLAC or Mission Planning) per 12 month period.

Please Note: Callouts do not qualify for meeting attendance requirements.

Additionally, any JOSAR member who fails to attend any trainings, drills, or meetings for 2 months, without communicating an acceptable reason to JLAC, will be dropped from the team roster for non-participation.

Can You Do It?

Yes is the answer. We have members that train and assist in all capacities. You need to be in reasonable shape for all positions except support. Experience helps, but we will train you from the ground up. If you are unsure if this is for you, come to our annual orientation meeting. The 2018 Search and Rescue New Member Orientation is scheduled for Friday, January 12th, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

To get your name on the list now, complete the forms on pages 3 and 4 of the New Member Information packet. Mail to the address on the form prior to the orientation meeting.  | Download PDF